A novel journey with DPSGV!

A child is a treasure to his/her parents. The parents, rich or poor, irrespective of their beliefs leap into the joys of their life when they see the arrival of their angel onto the stage of this world of ours’. A child, normal or disabled, shuts down the door of sadness while letting the smiles surface on the faces of their parents. That smile, on their faces, invigorates the fuel in them to feel the accomplishment of their dreams. In fact, for parents the moment, of their child’s arrival, becomes the most thrilling moment of their life. The touch of pride runs through their blood vessels making them feel to have conquered the world in a moment when their eyes capture the very first sight of their angel.

Who would deny the pivotal role of a school in child’s development? A school becomes the garden for the child to blossom after the lap of his/her parents. It is this very place where he/she starts to build his/her dreams. However, that role of a school doubles, especially in our times, when it comes to the children with disabilities. While cultivating the development of these special children the school has to instill in them the sense of using their disabilities to their abilities. Along this path it is the school that acts as the first environment wherein these disabled children mixes with the society thereby reducing their exclusion from the culture and society. That is indeed a mammoth of a task for a school to accomplish. However, I, as a mother of a visually disabled child, feel so privileged to see such kind of environment in Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Vasundra (DPSGV). It offers me immense pleasure to see my child jostling as would do by a normal child each day in the premises of DPSGV.

I have been moved by the philosophy of DPSGV over these years. The kind of team DPSGV has in its arsenal has dawned upon me over these years by their immense capability of capitalizing on the positive traits and strengths of my son. The senses of “<i>do something new each day</i>” and “<i>willingness to move an extra mile</i>” are being implanted in such a way that my son feels inspired each day to accomplish them. DPSGV has indeed crossed the barriers of traditional learning and traditional schools by focusing on the practical part of education. I feel today that the vision and philosophy of DPS would not have been made in a twinkling of an eye rather by dedication while focusing on the latest trends in the education arena. My visually disabled child is on par with the normal children. He is equally participating in almost all sorts of activities, classroom responsibilities, social skills are few to name, cherished by the normal children. This has resulted in seeing my son to kiss all the developmental milestones on time that otherwise a normal child is supposed to cherish. I as a mother do touch the touches of being independent in him every day. That indeed offers me my plate of satisfaction.

I cherish yet another privilege owing to DPSGV. My son happened to be the first visually disabled child to land up on the soil of DPSGV. I feel amazed with extra joy by the way school has developed the required skills and capabilities to deal with the visually disabled children. Kudos! to all passionate teachers and others involved in this entire exercise. Their valuable contribution each day has allowed DPSGV to set its feet on a novel area of education. It has indeed allowed me to enjoy my journey with DPSGV. I feel ecstatic to be a part with them on this journey.

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Anjina Koul Bhat

Anjina Koul Bhat

The write, an MBA graduate, since school days has been passionate about writing, debating and sharing thoughts. However, it all culminated into being a blogger recently after sharing her simple experience with mothers of disabled children that lit up their eyes as if new lease of life has dawned upon them. Blogging, from now onwards, will be another way of remaining in touch with mothers who want answers to numberless questions they have about their disabled children. She is accessible at anjina@aarush.biz