About Us

The world, we live in, is blessed with a blessing that we call life. Life exists in diversified forms in our world. We, as normal beings, experience multifaceted experiences in this world. However, many amongst us are encountered with a kind of a hurdle of myriad types that normally does not happen with us. This is what is called as ‘disability’. The world, we dwell in, have indeed jumped by leaps and bounds in all spheres of life. However, to our extreme irony there still exists in our culture with firm roots what we call the stereotype portrayal of people who suffer with a disability. Many barriers preferably social get erected around disabled children in such a way that we clip their wings before they could fly thereby resulting in disallowing them to do anything serious.

We, at Aarush.biz, believe that people with disabilities are equal to non-disabled ones in all respects because they are not disabled rather ‘differently abled‘. They can do anything that non-disabled ones do. They deserve the same treatment, status and life style as the non-disabled ones do. People around must not peek at them as a spectacle of pity as there is nothing wrong with them. We just have to extend our hand of assistance so that they can learn, enjoy and do the things that normal ones do daily.

We, at Aarush.biz, want to voice out to all the parents whose children suffer from disabilities that they must not take it a tragedy or a calamity in their lives. Instead, they must embark upon the journey of hope, courage and inspiration to let their children blossom by showing them the path to live with head high. Their children are not ordinary but extra ordinary ones, while being differently abled, who can just do anything with the nerve-wrecking zeal in them. It is just a matter of extending the limiting environments and breaking the barriers that act as hurdles in encouraging them to move along with flow of the world.

Parents are just important and it is for them to put their best foot forward with their own ‘differently abled’ children. It’s never always going to be plain sailing. There obviously will be some nerves. That’s only natural. However, you have just got to turn them into something positive as your children are going to be outstanding prospect. Parents must believe in their children that they can deliver performances and once it is done the children will be fuelled by enthusiasm to deliver what is expected from them. This is indeed possible and surely conceivable as well.

The onus is always on the parents to ensure that they don’t allow barriers to grow and get strengthened otherwise they would dig themselves along with their children deep into choke from where it would be difficult to return back.

Parents got to be one step ahead and do it for their children. There is indeed no greater honour for parents than to foster the development of their children. However, they got to do it with skill, passion and dignity.

As parents of ‘differently abled’ children let us pledge today to make a statement across our society and feel proud of seeing our children in action. Let us polish twinkles of our eyes and turn them to twinkling stars. Let us leave a challenging and inspiring legacy for others to inspire from.

Aarush.biz is an effort in providing a platform where people and/or parents could share their stories of courage, opinions, ideas and thoughts that will assist us in putting down the social or other barriers thereby letting our ‘differently abled‘ children do activities that non-disabled ones do. Our efforts at this platform will let reasons, positivity, hope and enthusiasm to emerge. Do please help us to make it happen.