Embrace your challenges


October 29, 2010

embrace-your-challengeA commercial ends with a compelling base line, “Enjoy Your Challenges” The back-up snatch is by my favourite band, the Pakistani duo, Strings Khud hi se aage jaana hai, which can be roughly translated as “I have to outreach myself” How does one enjoy one’s challenges? Robert Browning wrote, “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,/ Or what’s a heaven for?” One interpretation is that human aspiration must transcend limitations of current circumstances There is no aim then, including heaven, which can escape our reach.

Everything seems eminently attainableLife brings situations all the time which we label as challenges The trouble in facing them begins with the labelling: We tend to see challenge as a problem, impediment, set-back, obstacle The label takes over and before you know it a perfectly doable situation has become a labour There are three ways or margas, to enjoy challenges You can call them It, Spirit and Share It The first marga: Enjoy a challenge “because it is there” Those were the words.of George Mallory, the mountaineer, who, when asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, replied thus.

He did not survive to tell the tale but those words have become a mantra of encouragement for mountaineers the world over The Zen of such thought, without the investment of emotion and superlatives, can make light the passage from ill-health to healing, loss to plenty, impediment to fulfilment, and from discord to lovingness This is the light of acceptance We climb several Mount Everests in our life, but resist and curse them all the time Approaching a challenge “because it is there” is also.the atti-tude of a witness, so hallowed in Zen.

Every challenge is an invitation for us to plumb the depths of our spirit, our talent, our ability Every challenge surprises us with what we get to know about our inner reserves, about how vast and inexhaustible they are Rendered deaf and blind in childhood by a mystery fever, Helen Keller went on to be highly educated and flowered as a writer of repute, inspiring similarly challenged individuals Closer home, when Azim Premji returned prematurely from his engineering course in Stanford to take.over Wipro after his father’s sudden death, he was 21 years old.

Shareholders advised him to sell his company They were sure that managing it was beyond this youngster He didn’t take the advice He proved them wrong Khud hi se aage jaana hai But, the beyond is also within you That is the realisation challenges bring Can it be anything but enjoyable? This is the second marga, of spirit There is a third marga Facing a challenge success-fully is a gift, so share it Helen Keller worked tirelessly for others who were physically challenged through endowments.and advocacy.

When Baba Amte took up the cause of leprosy patients the challenge was daunting Swami Vivekananda had a wonderful definition of sin He said it is “to say that you are weak or that others are weak” The margas are intertwined They are not really distinct, Embrace any of the margas and you will find yourself on the other two sooner or later Marketers consider every consumer complaint a gift A challenge is a gift to us as individuals They come with a lot of heartbreak, but with the power to.transform us.

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